Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Florida Turn Signal

I commute 1 hour a day to work, I know not the smartest thing but things happen to turn out differently than you like. The drive isn't so bad. The bad part is that every day at some point I get stuck behind the guy who wants to go 10-15 miles an hour under the speed limit. And drive for 10 miles with his turn signal on which drives me crazy. I've left early, I've left late, it doesn't matter it happens every day. I feel like Jim Carey in the Trueman Show. Every slow driver in my path just sits at the end of their driveway waiting for their cue to move out and get in my way. It wouldn't be so bad if I could pass them, but it just so happens that my course to work takes me the opposite direction of everyone else in the morning and on the way home from work. In a week or two I think I'm gonna turn into a salmon for going against the flow all the time. Now I remember why I hate large populated areas. Give me my acres of corn and cows and I'm a happy man.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

So long, Farewell...

So I went to the movies the other night and there happened to be a poster up for The Dark Knight. For those of you living in a cave, this will be the last move Heath Ledger will ever appear in. First of all let me say I love Heath as an actor. He is one of my top actors to watch. While I was looking at the poster it occured to me, sadly this movie will not be popular because it is a good movie with a good cast (ie. Christian Bale and Gary Oldman). Rather it will be popular because it is Heath's last performace. I find this to be a shame cause like I said he is a really good actor. Just watching the previews gives me chills cause he is so creepy as the Joker. He may even give Jack a run for his money. I'm just so afraid that this will be another The Crow , popular because Brandon Lee was killed during the fimling, or Queen of the Damned , Alisha's last performance before her plane crash. It just saddens me that his acting will be overlooked simply because he died tragically. I will go see it cause it has 3 of my top actors and the first one was a great movie. So I guess I'm just saying if you go to this movie please go because it will be an awesome movie with a great cast and not because it's Heath's last performance.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Take your ball and go home!

Ok first let me say I not knocking anyone's playing ability or anything like that. Now with that said, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! This past Sunday's loss by the Patriots is probably one of my favorite moments in football. It's in a dead heat with last years loss to the Colts. I'm sure they are a good people but I can't stand them. They are a bunch of cry baby loser's in my eyes and their coach is the worst one. I hope they all get fined for leaving the game early like they did. And now Brady and Moss have both pulled out of the Pro Bowl for "sore ankles". Yeah right more like sore egos. Maybe now they won't get such a swager like they usually get. The best part about this whole thing isn't about the players but the fans. I read colums on Fox Sports' Online section. At the end of every news article the public is allowed to leave comments. Some people comment about the story but the forums usually turn into a mudslinging campaing that would make any politician proud. The worst offenders this year have been the pats fans as they ripped and reamed every team the pats played, even on weeks they didn't play that team. They kept running their mouths about the perfect season and how the pats were better than everyone else. I was just sitting back like some other people waiting for this to happen, gather ammunition. So Monday after the loss it was hell unleashed. Every pats fan was running for cover and some, that voiced their opinions the greatest while the pats were winning, didn't even show up. It just goes to show you becareful what you say, and also how a fan base can ruin the reputation of a sports team. Just like the Ohio State Buckeyes, good teams, nasty fans. So in short pats lost, I'm happy, another Manning won the Superbowl, and the world is right again. Oh yeah and Eli didn't deserve the MVP, the Giant's defense did.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I want that job.

Ever wish you could have a job where you could screw up completely, be absolutely wrong but still keep your job. Well I have the job for you. Become a news weatherperson. They are wrong all the time and yet keep their job. Is it really that hard to predict weather or do they just try to make it seem that way. Case in point: This past Thursday night almost all of the Indianapolis news stations had their weather people predict anywhere from 3-10 inches of snow for most of central Indiana. Did this happen, well in some places. But in the place I am currently living, which was predicted to get 6-8 inches, we got a whopping 1 to 1 1/2 inches. Oh noes that's too much snow for me. Come on really I can understand being a little off but that's just rediculous. And to think I was actually looking forward to that much snow.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges!

Ok so those of you who read my initial posts that had to be deleted, I used to be a correctional officer here in the fine state of Indiana. Well last July I took a new job at the prison as a Correctional Casework Manager. If it sounds fancy trust me it's not. I'm basically a glorified nanny and paper pusher. I'm basically responsible for making sure everything is ready for the prisoners to return to society. I'm also supposed to try and influence them and rehabilitate them making them into better citizens. And yes it's as much a load of crap as it sounds. 95% of the guys in prison don't care about making themselves better. They only care about doing whatever they can to get out sooner so they can go commit more crimes. Case in point, the prison system offers around 100 programs and what not depending on which prison you are at. I'm supposed to sit these guys down and talk about what I think they should do while they are in prison based upon what we feel their needs are. For example if a guy is locked up for dealing drugs I would suggest he get into substance abuse. However every time you suggest something to these idiots the very first thing out of their mouths is "Can I get a time cut for it?" Some of them can't read or write, and they go to get their G.E.D. not because they want to better themselves but because they can get out 6 months earlier. I've actually had guys tell me they did bad on their evaluation tests just so they can take a program with their G.E.D. which will give them another 6 months off. I swear if we got rid of time cuts for programs there would be 15 guys trying to get their G.E.D. instead of 1500. But I digress. So to sum it all up, guy commits crime, guy lives off the state for 2 years getting a free education, free food, and the best weight room the state can buy, guy gets out of prison and commits another crime because he realizes hey prison life ain't so bad. This country is going downhill fast, and our illustrious governor isn't helping.

So fresh and so clean

Ok so apparently some porn freaks decided to use my blog as a poster board for their links. Imagine my surprise when I found this out from my parents. So I had to delete my old posts to get rid of the comments and I'm now starting new. I'm going to try and make updates when I can cause my sis is always making fun of me for having a blog that I don't even write on. So now the fun starts, or at least it will be fun for me.